Support for Windows Vista

This Operating System was launched on January 30, 2007 by Microsoft, across the world. Windows vista was launched to improve the level of security and Microsoft also introduced some new features in it. Windows Vista was the first Microsoft operating system which included .NET Framework version 3.0, allowing software developers to write applications without traditional Windows APIs. However windows Vista proved to be a challenge to the lay users with its complicated User access control and Slow Performance.

Windows Vista comes in mainly following versions.

Windows Vista Home

Windows Vista home Premium

Windows Vista Ultimate

When Microsoft launched windows vista consumers started up gradation of their computer from windows xp to windows vista. In a mean time they started facing lot of issue with operating system like system start freezing, High CPU usage, Slow Performance, and day by day it starts becoming worst operating system.

Ryma Technologies has Microsoft certified technician trained on this platform and ready to twho takes care for all windows problem. Microsoft certified technicians give best resolution and proper explanation for the cause of issue. Technicians can go ahead and fix all kind of problems with windows vista like

Repairing Microsoft Windows Vista in case of corrupted installation

Finding problems by running diagnostic scan and fixing  all reported issues

Increasing Virtual Memory for Performance Optimization

Repairing Registry

Running disk cleanup to increase space

Deleting all junk and corrupt files from computers

Recovering from a No boot situation

Updates for drivers and windows applications

Installation of windows Vista service Pack 2

Migration of Windows Vista to Windows 7

Recovering Data from old windows to new windows

Installing security softwares

Removal of unwanted softwares

Setting automatic backup on windows Vista

Installation of wireless/wired Printer and other devices

Installation of wireless/wired router and scanner

Make and troubleshoot sound device work on windows Vista

Ryma Technologies has trained experts to fix all such issues related to windows Vista in a maximum estimated resolution time of 0.5–3 hours (depending upon your system’s speed). Our Microsoft certified technicians would not only solve the problem but would provide you with proper explanation for the cause of issues. 


All you have to do is to dial our support helpline number flashing above and our team of Microsoft certified technicians will start working on your Windows Vista related issues.

What’s more, with our one time issue support you don’t have to purchase a long term contract from us either and if the problem is not fixed, we’ll not charge you. If the problem reoccurs then feel free to call us with in next 7 days and our technicians will provide free technical support on the same computer with same issue.